Testimonials from our satisfied customers!

The college information that was provided by the College Funding Service Center and the Student Positioning Program was great. Being a first-timer I did not know where to begin and it was quite overwhelming. The communication was excellent and everyone in the organization was quick to respond when I reached out with a question or concern. The test prep for my son was a huge help and I truly believe it helped him achieve the maximum scholarship from the university. I appreciate everything you did to assist my son get into the college of his choice!

David P*******

Working with you as both of our boy’s Student Positioning Coach was a great learning experience. There are so many moving parts navigating the process, making it somewhat confusing. Getting acclimated to the terminology was like learning a foreign language. You walked us through step-by-step, breaking down the jumble into manageable actions we could take. You were patient, listening to our concerns, reexplaining things as many times as needed and answering all of our questions. We felt you gave us a good roadmap to follow after each session. While we gained many insights working with you, what comes immediately to mind is the understanding gained from using each of our children’s natural strengths & interests to explore careers that align with their abilities, then using this info to pinpoint college majors. Once we had these mailed down, it was fairly easy to find colleges! We found the student positioning program to be an invaluable tool. It helps focus students to use their natural interests & abilities to choose the right colleges & careers. We agree wholeheartedly that the student positioning program is a great predictive tool for finding the appropriate academic, social & financial fit!

Patricia J*******

It was wonderful to have our daughter take over responsibility for her own future by going through your program. It took a lot of pressure off my husband and I to figure out the college process ourselves. I loved the binder we were given that had all timelines in writing so we could easily follow along with the process. We would definitely recommend this service to all of our friends. You guys are great!

Sonja G*******

Haley is will study Forensic Science. She got in everywhere she applied and was aided by your programs to find the right options for unique program. She was able to get the out of state tuition rates down to below in state costs and work credit after we deployed all the tactics taught to us by you. She delivered on a great test score 1420 and GPA 3.89. And we have signed up Josh, our freshman as the next thru the process. Lastly, I wanted to thank you especially for being so positive in your praise of Haley and her hard work and dedication using the system. It was truly a helpful and positive experience.

Chuck H***

I have decided to attend Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas! I have received $30,000 in scholarships and $23,835 in grants for the 20/21 school year totaling $53,835. I will be studying mathematics to become a high school math teacher. Thank you for all the support!

Jamison P*****

The biggest benefit to me was seeing what school were actually in play for Evan (based on GPA, test scores, acceptance rate, % need met, etc.).

Sue B**********

You have guided us through the (sometimes) daunting process of college searching with two of our children, and continue to help us as they further the years in their respective institutions. We are grateful for your “recipe.” It has been such a help to know we have you guiding us, making sure we take steps in the right direction, and are doing things in a timely manner. This has lifted the stress from us and actually made it an enjoyable process. We have one more child to get to (and through) college, and we hope you will help guide us with his journey as well.
Thank you for all you have done for us.

Richard K****

Thank you for all your help throughout this process. I have decided to attend Ithaca College this upcoming year, and received a $20,000 renewable merit scholarship in addition to need-based aid. My family and I would like to thank you and your team for aiding us throughout the entire college search process, and advising us with regards to our unconventional situation. The entire college planning process became significantly more straightforward with the resources provided through the college funding service center. Having someone to consult about our questions and any difficulties helped to make my decision a lot easier.
Thank you and your team once again for all your help.

Ananya G***********

Please feel free to use as an anonymous testimonial: “It has been a pleasure working with Al Hoffman and staff. They has made the entire process effortless and it has given us great confidence knowing someone is watching over the process so nothing gets missed. Thank you!”

Nasr K******

I have been using Al Hoffman and his services for the past 5 years. He and his company are extremely helpful in making your stressful college process go so smooth! I hear other parents complaining about the process and try to steer them to Al. I make a phone call some small talk and they do the rest! Stress free! With 4 children I am worry free when it comes to the college process of funding! Kudos to them. Thank you for all your help now and in the near future!

Paula P*****