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College Selection is the most important part of the college process

Are you concerned about your child being accepted at the right school?

How do you determine what the right school is?

Will your child  be able to perform to her/his best ability once she/he is accepted?

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, will the school meet with your family ability to pay?

If these difficult questions are on your mind, then you are at the right place.

Do not waste more time and resources worrying and guessing without a proven way to ensure a good match. College Funding Service Center has developed a program that sorts through all the critical variables  to match each student with the best selections for their individual situation.

We call it  Student Positioning – created for selection of the right college/s for each individual student.

All colleges use a management position in the development of the incoming freshmen class called an Enrollment Management. We have reversed engineered the Enrollment Management goals into a college selection program that will enable our students to understand precisely what each institution is looking for. This program is exclusive for our college-bound student. Along with a consult by one of our professional counselors, families utilize our proprietary Student Positioning program to properly and effectively complete their college search –in other words, find the best fit for you or your child.

Our exclusive “Student Positioning” service is a comprehensive College “Fit” program which is the goal of any fee-based college counselor. The norm is to select a college that fits the student academically and socially. In light of enrollment management, we have added a third criterion to the process of selecting a college: financial. Our goal and our system, simply stated, is to find a college that fits the student academically and socially, as well as fitting the family financially. When you do all three, you will find a college which offers/comprises/provides the best fit for everyone in the family. Our proprietary process creates the best return on your investment for the higher education goals of the entire family.

As a free service we wanted to offer the TEN DOMINOES as our overview of the college process to you.

As a product STUDENT POSITIONING includes videos 1-5.

Again, College Selection is the most important part of the college process.


The 10 Dominos

1st Domino


2nd Domino


3rd Domino


4th Domino

The College Search

5th Domino

Student Positioning

6th Domino


7th Domino


8th Domino

Financial Forms

9th Domino

Award Appeals

10th Domino

The Final College